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Tuesday, 17 July 2012

Quick and Easy Treat Card

Hello Everyone!

Well, it's that time of year when you may want to give your kids' teachers a gift for putting up with them all year! If they're anything like my boy, they have quite a few teachers and several teaching assistants too. So I've devised this small little treat box with attached card.

They're quick and easy to make and hold two Lindt Lindor chocs (I prefer these to Ferrero Rocher), so they're quite cheap to make too and make a sweet little gesture. Here's how you do it.

First, take a piece of cardstock measuring 10.5cm x 29cm.  It's basically half a sheet of A4 with a smidgeon taken off the end, as shown above.

On the short side, score at 2cm and 8.5cm (check the picture, because I seem to confuse people with my descriptions of short and long sides and where to score!)

On the long side, score at 1cm, 4cm, 7cm, 10cm, 13cm and 21cm.  On the diagram above, I've marked with dotted lines where you need to cut and shaded the areas that need to come off completely.

Basically, you should end up with your cardstock looking like this.

On the first rectangle of the actual box body, mark the centre (as shown above). This makes it easier for the next part.

Take your Modern Label Punch, turn it over and centre the mark in the middle. Then punch out. The mark is just my way of making sure I get my punched shape in the middle.  If you haven't got the Modern Label Punch, you could always use the Word Window Punch, that fits too.

Place Sticky Strip on the narrow 1cm strip right at the end.

Fold it up to the edge of the 13cm score line and stick down.

Fold in the left and right flaps at the edge of the box. Place Sticky Strip on the top edge of the bottom flap and fold the top one down over it, sealing the box.

Add your treats and then seal the other end of the box in the same way. Fold down your card flap and you're done! All that needs to be done is to decorate your box in any way you want.

I hope you enjoyed this tutorial. TFL! Joanne x


Maggie said...

Fantastic tutorial - thanks for sharing this Joanne.

Helen said...

FABULOUS!!!!!!! although concentrate on the instructions as I'm drooling too much - Lindor chocs are my favourites!

Helen said...

typing too fast - you get what I mean I'm sure

Alison said...

This is fab Jo, will definitely have to make one or two of these. Thank You.

janine jess said...

Thanks Joanne for sharing! I have been looking for an activity for my friend's daughter's birthday party and this is perfect!

Jessica Rutledge said...

what are the measurements in inches? lol