All-you-can-stamp Christmas Card Buffet - £6.00

Tuesday, 2 March 2010

10 for £10!

Yes, I know I can't count! There are 9 cards in the photograph, but, trust me, there will be 10 cards on the day!

This is my latest class I am doing - 10 cards for £10.  Everyone will create 10 gorgeous Stampin' Up! cards for the princely sum of £10! It should be great fun!

The new mini catalogue comes out soon, too.  Can't wait.  I've just spent a small fortune on preorder. I just couldn't resist! Hopefully should be able to share a few sneaky peeks really soon!

In the meantime, here are the photos of the cards in my class close up.  I will find the 10th one, it's around here somewhere!

TFL! Joanne xx


Rachel said...

In the piccie at the top there is a blue one not shown in the bigger piccies....does that help - they look great!

Maybe you should have had a little comp - lol

Rachel said...

ach just realised that isn't much help as the trees double up. Oh well good luck locating!!!